Truck Driver Tax Deductions

Tax Deductions Truck Drivers Miss

Truck drivers, either owner/operators or company drivers, have a number of deductions and allowances available to them. When you do your own taxes or have them done by a tax preparer that is not familiar with the trucking industry some of the deductions for truck drivers may be missed.

Small items are sometimes missed due the the truck driver not saving receipts or thinking they are too small to count. These small items add up over a year to hundreds of dollars in truck driver tax deductions. Getting yourself a large envelope to put these small item receipts in can save you a lot of money during tax time.

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Cleaning Supplies Misc. Supplies Other Supplies
Air Freshener Alarm Clock Thermos Bottle
Armour-All Fly Swatter First Aid Supplies
Broom/Dustpan Bedding Clothing
Hand Cleaner Cab Curtains Hangers
Paper Towels Coffee maker Laundry Bag
Portable Vacuum Lap desk Laundry Soap
Trash Bags Refrigerator Uniforms
Window Cleaner Tupperware/storage bins Uniform Alterations
Electronics Electronics Office Supplies
Antenna Sirius/XM Radio Fees Atlas
Atlas Sirius/XM Radio Briefcase
CB Radio Cigarette Plugs Calculator
CB Repair Circuit Tester Clipboard
Cellular phone Protective Clothing Liquid Paper/White Out
Cellular Headphone Boots Log books
Cellular/Wireless fees Hard Hat Log book covers
GPS Unit Rain Gear Maps
GPS Map Updates Safety Glasses Notebook paper
Power boosters Thermal Underwear Pens/Pencils
Power Cords Gloves Stapler
Tractor Supplies Fees Transportation Expenses
Bunk Heaters/Fan ATM fees Air fare
Cooler/Cooler motor CDL Driver License Bus fare
Disinfectant Check cashing fees Cab fare
De-Icer Comcheck fees Cab Fees
Ice Copy/Fax Fees Hotels/Motels paid
Map Lamp CSA Score Fee Load Securement
Window screen DOT Physical Bunge Cords
Tools Drug Testing Load Chains
Buffer Parking Fees Load Bars
Crowbar Tolls Load Straps
Duct Tape Weight Charges/Fees Locks
Electrical Tape Hazmat Background Check Wide Load Flags
Flashlights Driver Hygiene Other Information You May Need
Hammer Ben Gay Days out for Year (Per Logbook)
Hand Cleaner Showers Auto mileage
Pliers Shower Shoes Cleaning/Detailing
Screwdrivers Vaseline Maintenance
Tire Iron Visine Repairs
Wrenches Laundry Parts
Other Small Tools Dry Cleaning Finance charges

This is intended as a guide for deductions you may be able to take.
Consult a tax preparer for other deductions you are eligible to take.

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