Truck Driving Jobs Go Unfilled

According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA) the trucking industry will need over 96,000 new truck drivers every year for the next ten years. 20,000 to 25,000 truck driving jobs go unfilled each year. A truck driving job can earn you between $30,000 and $100,000 a year depending on your area and the kind of trucking you choose to do.

You will find a truck load of information here to help you decide if a truck driving job might be a new career for you.

How Much Truck Drivers Earn

As with any occupation, the end goal is to earn a living. Considering becoming a professional truck driver obviously leads to the question - How much is a truck driver's salary?

First, you should understand that truck driving jobs are in high demand. It's this thriving industry which keeps our economy literally "moving." The trucking industry alone generates nearly $300 billion in revenue per year! As with anything, the response is not one simple answer.

Is Trucking A Lifestyle For You?

To someone unaware of the vast differences in various truck driving jobs there are many things to consider. There are hundreds of different types of truck driving jobs. You can drive a big truck or a small one. You might want to drive over the road and see the country or stay closer to home and get a local truck driving job. Below you will find information to help you decide.

Relationships of a Long-Haul Trucker
With the proper instruction and preparation, becoming a truck driver is certainly an obtainable goal. However, such a goal may come with a price depending on your family structure and situation.
Married to a Truck Driver
Who thought the life of a trucker's family could be summed up in a Bon Jovi lyric? The song Blood on Blood states: "through the years and miles between us, it's been a long and lonely ride." This lyric embodies the family life of a trucker perfectly.

How To Get A Commercial Driver License (CDL)

The first step in your journey to becoming a truck driver is to aquire your CDL. You will need training for this. Compared to many careers truck driver training is inexpensive. Truck driving schools cost around $3,000 to $5,000 and last only a few weeks. Many trucking companies will train you for free and there are student loans and grants avaliable for training.

Below you will find articles on getting your CDL.

How To Get Your CDL
If you have aspirations to enter the challenging industry of transportation and becoming a truck driver, there are many requirements that you must accomplish. To begin your journey towards obtaining your commercial's driver's license, one must keep the following in mind...
Choosing a Truck Driving School
So, you want to be a truck driver. Well, since you've made your decision, it's time to go to truck driving school! But, where do you start? When choosing a truck driving school, there are a variety of factors to consider.
Company Sponsored Truck Driver School
When choosing a company sponsored truck driving school to utilize when pursuing a CDL license, it's important to do a little homework.Many trucking companies offer their own specific professional driving school.
Successful CDL Job Search
Trucking is a business. Once you have this mindset, you'll understand that in this business; often, trucking companies are going to hire out local truck driving jobs at the lowest possible cost.
Write a Truck Driver Resume
As a truck driver, you're an individual who operates a truck, delivering goods to multiple destinations, throughout the country. It's important to keep those two main objectives in mind, when developing a resume to apply for truck driving positions.

Types Of Truck Driving Jobs

There are many different types of trucking jobs. You will find more information on the popular trucking jobs in the articles below.

Become a Flatbed Truck Driver
To someone unaware of the vast differences in various truck driving jobs, a flatbed would seem to be just another truck. However, flatbed trucks and its drivers is a unique breed.
Become a Heavy Haul Truck Driver
Heavy haul truck driving usually focuses on the transportation of oversize, overweight and wide loads. These loads can be items such as cranes, wheel loaders, dozers, tractors, etc.
How to Become a Teamster
For over a century, the largest and most powerful union workforce has been the Teamster's Union. Historically, the Teamsters have be a leader in the creation of higher wages, benefit packages, and better working conditions.
Be An Ice Road Trucker
With its rise in popularity, the allur of this industry has grown in a short time span. However, while television has the ability to make things look cool; it doesn't mean that one should rush to sign up and take on such a dangerous occupation.
Oilfield Trucking
North Dakota has embraced "fracking." This embrace has welcomed thousands of new truck driving jobs and an insurgence to their economy. Any truck driver who wishes to pursue this lucrative, yet very challenging line of work, get at it while the iron is hot.
Automobile Transportation Truck Driver
If you're thinking about becoming an automobile transportation truck driver, a good place to start is to realize what you're getting into. Automobile transportation truck drivers transport new and used vehicles from one location to another.
Truck Drivers Jobs That Pay Well
Have you ever considered applying for one of the truck drivers jobs? If you are man who enjoys driving, why shouldn't you take this possibility into account? Regardless if you are tempted by the idea of having a truck driving career or simply by the fact that you can make easy money for a while, you should give it a try
Team Truck Driving Jobs
Remember to think through the pros and cons carefully, weighing your options on both sides. Just because team driving has the allure of more money does not mean it will make you happy in your decision. Make the final decision on your character and be true to who you are; then you cannot go wrong.
Women In The Trucking Industry
Female truck drivers have become more and more common on various truck driving jobs from over the road short haul and long hauls services. Women, the same as their male counterparts, are attracted trucking for a variety of reasons.
Local Truck Driving Jobs
The trucking industry faces a shortage of drivers, local truck driver jobs are in abundance, regardless of one's location. Depending on an individual's geographic location, the trucking jobs may vary somewhat, but rest assured, the jobs are there.
Tanker Truck Driver
Just the sound of a job entitled tanker driver sounds difficult. In fact, being a tanker truck driver does indeed require a higher skill set as a driver, than a simple tractor trailer truck driver. However, with greater difficulty comes the promise of greater pay.
Become an LTL Truck Driver
The pay for an LTL driver averages $52,000 annually and can be higher due to additional benefits. Obviously, the mileage and experience of the driver is the key to the salary and it will also depend on the company where the driver is hired.
How to Become a Dump Truck Driver
When it comes to expanding your career potential, becoming a dump truck driver is one path that may lead to many different opportunities in your future.

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Pay per mile is the commonest method in which truck drivers are compensated. According to statistics by the United States Bureau of Labor, truck drivers earn between 28 and 40 cents per mile, only a few trucking companies pay about 45 cents. On the average, a truck driver's annual salary is between $32,000 and 64,000. Read More On Truck Driver Pay

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