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How to Get a CDL License
If you have aspirations to enter the challenging industry of transportation and becoming a truck driver, there are many requirements that you must accomplish.

How to Write a Truck Driver Resume
As a truck driver, you're an individual who operates a truck, delivering goods to multiple destinations, throughout the country. It's important to keep those two main objectives in mind, when developing a resume to apply for truck driving positions.

How Much Truck Drivers Make
As with any occupation, the end goal is to earn a living. Considering becoming a professional truck driver obviously leads to the question . . . "How much is a truck driver's salary?"

How to Become a Teamster
Historically, the Teamsters have be a leader in the creation of higher wages, benefit packages, and better working conditions. However, a union is only as strong as its members. In this case, by becoming a Teamster's union member, you're joining a family of nearly 1.5 million people!

Choosing A Truck Driving School
So, you want to be a truck driver. Well, since you've made your decision, it's time to go to truck driving school! But, where do you start? When choosing a truck driving school, there are a variety of factors to consider.

Company Sponsored Schools
When choosing a company sponsored truck driving school to utilize when pursuing a CDL license, it's important to do a little homework. Many trucking companies offer their own specific professional driving school.

Successful CDL Job Search
Not all trucking opportunities and careers are going to be heartless; or a dead end position. What it does mean is that as a truck driver, you need to be intelligent of how you go about looking for the trucking job/company that is right for you!

Things to Pack for Over the Road Truck Driving
For the beginner, some of the necessities might be easily overlooked. With the tight spaces of the cab, a trucker needs to be conscious of how much to storage space there is.

Over The Road Lifestyle
With the proper instruction and preparation, becoming a truck driver is certainly an obtainable goal. However, such a goal may come with a price depending on your family structure and situation.

Married to a Truck Driver
Being the spouse of a long-haul truck driver can be an emotional battle, while their significant other is on the road. Aspects that many couples may take for granted such as family dinners, kisses goodnight, evening talks, etc., are luxuries a truck driver's spouse does not have.

Types of Truck Driving Jobs

Team Truck Driving Jobs
Remember to think through the pros and cons carefully, weighing your options on both sides. Just because team driving has the allure of more money does not mean it will make you happy in your decision. Make the final decision on your character and be true to who you are; then you cannot go wrong.

Women In The Trucking Industry
Female truck drivers have become more and more common on various truck driving jobs from over the road short haul and long hauls services. Women, the same as their male counterparts, are attracted trucking for a variety of reasons.

Automobile Transportation Jobs
If you're thinking about becoming an automobile transportation truck driver, a good place to start is to realize what you're getting into. Automobile transportation truck drivers transport new and used vehicles from one location to another.

Oilfield Trucking
If you're looking toward North Dakota, you may hear a "boom" on the horizon. Not a literal boom, but a metaphorical boom in their economy. Why one may ask? Simply put, North Dakota has embraced "fracking."

How To Be a Flatbed Truck Driver
To someone unaware of the vast differences in various truck driving jobs, a flatbed would seem to be just another truck. However, flatbed trucks and its drivers is a unique breed.

Be a Heavy Haul Truck Driver
Heavy haul truck driving usually focuses on the transportation of oversize, overweight and wide loads. These loads can be items such as cranes, wheel loaders, dozers, tractors, etc. This form of truck driving can be extremely challenging and demanding.

How To Be An Ice Road Trucker
The Ice Road Truckers series has gained a large following on the television circuit. With its rise in popularity, the allur of this industry has grown in a short time span.

How to be a Tanker Truck Driver
Just the sound of a job entitled tanker driver sounds difficult. In fact, being a tanker truck driver does indeed require a higher skill set as a driver, than a simple tractor trailer truck driver. However, with greater difficulty comes the promise of greater pay.

Truck Drivers Jobs That Pay Well
So, only you can decide if you want to apply for the truck drivers jobs. You might want to give these jobs a shot, since the money and the traveling opportunities are not aspects that can be easily neglected

Become an LTL Driver
The pay for an LTL driver averages $52,000 annually and can be higher due to additional benefits. Obviously, the mileage and experience of the driver is the key to the salary and it will also depend on the company where the driver is hired.

Trucking History

Truck Driver Strikes of 1979
There is little wonder that the intersection of rising fuel prices and the trucking industry was a volatile one: over 75 percent of the nation's goods were transported by truckers. As the saying goes, "If you got it, a trucker brought it.".

Minneapolis Teamster Strike of 1934
All the efforts of our union, over a period of six weeks since the ending of the strike, to establish living wages and hours have been frustrated by the arrogant attitude of the employers." This poignant statement was given by James P. Cannon.

History of the Teamster's Union
Early on, just as our truck drivers of today, horse drawn wagons driven by men, were the backbone of industrial trade. Even with their significance and importance, these men were often exploited in their trade.

The Mystery of Jimmy Hoffa
Back in 1975, when this author was a mere 4 years old, the saga of the Hoffa disappearance began. On July 30th, in the parking lot of Machus Red Fox Restaraunt, in Bloomfield Township, Michigan, Jimmy Hoffa was last seen; supposedly waiting for a 2pm meeting.

History of Truck Stops
Long before there were sprawling "travel plazas" that cluster along the nation's interstates, there were truck stops.

Interstate Highway System and Commerce
"The Best Investment a Nation Ever Made." Those are pretty strong words, so has our nation's interstate highway system truly been a wise investment?

History of the National Road
The National Road is the first road that was funded by the US federal government. Today called Route 40 along many different sections, the road itself began its initial construction in 1811 and was completed in 1834.

History of the Dixie Highway
The legendary Dixie Highway was originally planned in 1914 to connect the Midwestern part of the US with the Southern states. This had grown out of an earlier plan to connect Montreal with Miami, Florida.

Lillie Elizabeth Drennan - Lillie Elizabeth Drennan obtained her commercial truck-driver's license in 1929 after the Railroad Commission began monitoring the motor-freight business in the state. Commission examiners seemed reluctant to grant her a license, challenging that her hearing problems would make her a safety risk.

History and Usefulness of
the Sleeping Berth

Truck drivers make use of an item know as a sleeping berth. In simple terms, it's a tiny bed in the cab of the truck. However, where did the idea come from and how did the sleeping berth come to be?

Trucking Topics

Truck Driving Winter Tips
For a truck driver, the winter means that you will need to take extra precautions while on the road. In many cases the accident that occurs might have been prevented if you heeded the advice of the winter driving tips that are designed to keep you safe.

Truck Lease Purchase Programs
For many drivers, the truck lease-purchase is one that offers a pathway to earning more money in what you drive on the road. However, that pathway is one that is fraught with peril and financial ruin if you are not careful.

Teamster's Pension Crisis
The Central States Pension Fund (whom serves many Teamsters across the nation) has teamed up with the Teamsters to lobby for new and adequate legislation to confront this issue. But, on the other side, many legislators are promoting "Solutions, Not Bailouts" as a way to allow employers to cut employees pensions. So much for "past service"!

Test Taking Tips
The mere mention of the word "test" causes anxiety. The word test means you're being measured on your ability to complete or comprehend something. Luckily, there are some strategies one can keep in mind to help alleviate some of the stresses that come inherently with test taking.

Tractor Trailer Automobile Transporters
Are They Safe? We've all been there; cruising down the freeway to come upon the dreaded beast of a truck carrying multiple new vehicles, which seem to hanging on by a thread. How can such a setup actually be safe? Well, let's take a look.

Time Management Tips for Truck Drivers
There is nothing like making the most out of your time when on the road so that you can spend more time with the family. However, truck drivers often have difficulty striking that perfect balance of being on the road and staying at home without harming the paycheck.

Tips to Help You Pass a DOT Physical
When it comes to passing your DOT physical, the best tip is that you need to be in shape in order to pass the exam. Basically, this is a health test that will determine whether you are fit to drive a truck. While this may sound like a no-brainer at first, it is important that you are in good physical condition in order to pass the test.

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Cargo Securement Requirements
CSA Carrier Warning Letter
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Truck Driver Cellphone Ban
Federal Regulations Cell Phone Ban
Six Levels of a Roadside Inspection
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Hazmat Background Check

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