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CDL Hazmat Background Check | Hazmat Endorsement

Hazardous Material Endorsement Threat Assessment (HTAP) Program, is the technical name for the program that requires CDL truck drivers to get a FBI background check. In my opinion it is another way for the government to make more money from the backs of truckers.

We have to do it to keep up our hazmat endorsement regardless. Here is the low down on what is required for your CDL Hazmat Background Check. Below you will find links to the TSA Hazardous Material Endorsement Enrollment Website and locations of the fingerprinting facilities.

  1. You must apply at least 30 days before you license is due to expire.
  2. Complete an electronic application, or by calling the Drivers Helpdesk, at 877-429-7746, where you can complete your application over the phone.
  3. After you completed your electronic application you will be given a confirmation number for your records.
  4. You will need to present two forms of identification at the HazPrint Enrollment Center. A list of acceptable forms of identification appears at the end of your application.
  5. The fee for the background check is $89.25. You can pay by credit card or eCheck at the time you are completing your electronic application, or by taking a money order to the HazPrint Enrollment Center fingerprint site.
  6. You are fingerprinted at a HazPrint Enrollment Center in any HazPrint participating state. Make sure you check with the fingerprinting facility to see if you need an appointment. Many of the facilities you can just walk in and get your fingerprinting done.




Acceptable PRIMARY forms of identification

  • Unexpired U.S. passport
  • Unexpired Permanent Resident Card
  • Unexpired foreign passport
  • Unexpired Alien Registration Receipt Card with photograph
  • Unexpired FAST (Free and Secure Trade) Card
  • Unexpired MMD (Merchant Mariner Document)

Acceptable SECONDARY forms of identification:

  • U.S. Certificate of Citizenship (N-560, 561)
  • U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (N-550, or 570)
  • Driver's license issued by a State or outlying possession of the United States
  • ID card issued by a State or outlying possession of the United States (must include a State or State Agency seal or logo, such as a State Port Authority or State University ID)
  • Original or certified copy of birth certificate issued by a State, county municipal authority, or outlying possession of the United States, bearing an official seal.
  • Voter's registration card
  • U.S. military ID card or U.S. retired military ID card
  • U.S. military dependent's card
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • Expired U.S. passport
  • Native American tribal document
  • U.S. Social Security card
  • U.S. Citizen card I-97
  • U.S. Military discharge papers DD-214
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Card
  • Civil marriage certificate
  • MML (Merchant Mariner License) bearing an official raised seal, or a certified copy
  • TWIC Card (Department of Homeland Security (DHS) / Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Transportation¬† Worker Identification Credential)