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Unsafe Driving CSA Points

Unsafe Driving Violation Points - Dangerous or Careless Operation of Commercial Motor Vehicles. Driver traffic violations and convictions for speeding, reckless driving, improper lane change, inattention, and other unsafe driving behavior.

Unsafe driving is an important part of the federal motor carrier regulations CSA points.

You will find severity points for texting while driving, following too close, unsafe lane change, speeding ticket and more dangerous driving traffic tickets in this section.

SectionViolation Description Violation Group DescriptionViolation Severity PointsCounts Against Driver
177.800(d)Unnecessary delay in HM transportation to destinationHM Related1Y
177.804BFailure to comply with 49 CFR 392.80 - Texting while Oper a CMV - Placardable HMTexting10Y
177.804CFail to comply with 392.82 - Using Mobile Phone while Oper a CMV - HMPhone Call10Y
390.17DTOperating a CMV while textingTexting10Y
390.20Failing to properly secure parked vehicleOther Driver Violations1Y
392.2CFailure to obey traffic control device Dangerous Driving5Y
392.2DHHeadlamps - Failing to dim when requiredMisc Violations3Y
392.2FCFollowing too close Dangerous Driving5Y
392.2LCImproper lane change Dangerous Driving5Y
392.2LVLane Restriction violationMisc Violations3Y
392.2PImproper passing Dangerous Driving5Y
392.2PKUnlawfully parking and/or leaving vehicle in the roadwayOther Driver Violations1Y
392.2RReckless driving Reckless Driving10Y
392.2RRRailroad Grade Crossing violationDangerous Driving5Y
392.2SSpeeding Speeding Related1*Y
392.2-SLLS2State/Local Laws - Speeding 6-10 miles per hour over the speed limitSpeeding 24Y
392.2-SLLS3State/Local Laws - Speeding 11-14 miles per hour over the speed limitSpeeding 37Y
392.2-SLLS4State/Local Laws - Speeding 15 or more miles per hour over the speed limitSpeeding 410Y
392.2-SLLSWZState/Local Laws - Speeding work/construction zoneSpeeding 410Y
392.2-SLLTState/Local Laws - Operating a CMV while textingTexting10Y
392.2TImproper turns Dangerous Driving5Y
392.2YFailure to yield right of way Dangerous Driving5Y
392.6Scheduling run to necessitate speedingSpeeding Related5N
392.10(a)(1)Failing to stop at railroad crossing�busDangerous Driving5Y
392.10(a)(2)Failing to stop at railroad crossing�chlorineDangerous Driving5Y
392.10(a)(3)Failing to stop at railroad crossing�placardDangerous Driving5Y
392.10(a)(4)Failing to stop at railroad crossing�HM cargoDangerous Driving5Y
392.14Failed to use caution for hazardous conditionDangerous Driving5Y
392.16Failing to use seat belt while operating CMVSeat Belt7Y
392.22(a)Failing to use hazard warning flashersOther Driver Violations1Y
392.60(a)Unauthorized passenger on board CMVOther Driver Violations1Y
392.62Unsafe bus operationsOther Driver Violations1Y
392.62(a)Bus�Standees forward of the standee lineOther Driver Violations1Y
392.71(a)Using or equipping a CMV with radar detectorSpeeding Related5Y
392.80(a)Driving a commercial motor vehicle while TextingTexting10Y
392.82(a)(1)Using a hand-held mobile telephone while operating a CMVPhone Call10Y
392.82(a)(2)Allowing or requiring driver to use a hand-held mobile tel while operating a CMVPhone Call10Y
397.3State/local laws ordinances regulationsHM Related1Y
397.13Smoking within 25 feet of HM vehicleHM Related1Y
398.4Driving of vehicle�migrant workersOther Driver Violations1Y

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