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Your hazardous materials endorsement can be one of the most difficult, yet beneficial endorsements to add your Commercial Driver's License. Having the hazardous materials (HazMat) endorsement allows you more opportunities to obtain higher demand truck driving jobs. Your success at the hazardous materials endorsement will improve greatly after taking part in our free HazMat practice test.

Regardless if this is your initial attempt at your HazMat endorsement, or simply renewing your CDL; being prepared is essential for a successful DMV HazMat testing experience.

Keep in mind that there is a great deal of free HazMat practice tests available online. However, these tests often use outdated material, which can hinder your performance on the actual test.

These questions are very similar to the ones you'll find on the actual CDL endorsements written test.

Free HazMat Practice Tests

These free DMV Hazmat Practice Test have 20 questions. Each section tests covers a portion of the hazmat information in your state CDL manual. 80% correct hazmat test answers is required to pass. Your score and the correct answers are shown at the end of each test.

Hazmat Test 1 Hazmat Test 2 Hazmat Test 3

Hazmat Final Exam
The final exam covers all the section tests. There are 60 questions. You must get 80% of the questions correct. At the end of this exam you will only be given your final score. If you pass this final exam you have a good knowledge of the material needed to pass your Hazmat endorsement.

Additional Practice Tests

These free HazMat tests have been created by an educator with 17 years teaching experience. This experience allows us to help you gather the knowledge needed to pass your hazardous materials endorsement. If you read the HazMat section in your states CDL manual and take part in these tests; passing and obtaining your hazardous materials endorsement is well within reach.

Section 1 Test - The Intent of the Regulations, Hazardous Materials Transportation and Communication Rules.

Section 2 Test - Communication Rules and Loading and Unloading.

Section 3 Test - Bulk Packaging Marking, Loading and Unloading, Hazardous Materials -- Driving and Parking Rules and Hazardous Materials - Emergencies.

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