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CDL Air Brakes Test 1

While air is abundant, albeit polluted these days . . . the abundance of Hydraulic fluid is not plentiful. Many trucks utilize air-brake systems; hence, they have no need to rely on hydraulic fluid, within its braking system. Since the operation of these heavy vehicles can be dangerous, safety is extremely important! This instructional review has been made by a teacher of nearly 20 years. Having a thorough understanding of your commercial vehicle, and knowing your vehicle's braking system; and how it functions is why this review is here for you to utilize and benefit from.

Air Brakes Test

This free DMV CDL Air Brakes Practice Test has 15 questions. 80% correct CDL Air Brakes test answers is required to pass. Your score and the correct answers are show at the end of the test.

Air Brakes Test 1
Air Brakes Test 2
Air Brakes Final Exam

The final exam covers all the Air Brakes practice tests. There are 30 questions. You must get 80% of the questions correct. At the end of this exam you will only be given your final score. If you pass this final exam you have a good knowledge of the material needed to pass your Air Brakes tests..

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